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The application of vinyl stickers is easy.
Just take your time and follow a few simple steps.

This is a detailed guide to succesfully fitting a vinyl sticker.
(A quick fitting guide can be found on most product pages)

Where can I stick it?
Vinyl stickers will stick to most non-porous surfaces, the most common are:
Car bodywork
Glass windows

A vinyl sticker won't stick to:
Dusty / un prepared surfaces
On that rusty bit you want to hide
Or any porous surface - fabric, most woods, dimpled surfaces, etc.

It is advised not to fit to any freshly painted/lacquered surface, allow at least 6 weeks for paint to fully cure (speak with your painter for best advice)

Whats it made of?
A vinyl sticker is made up of 3 parts.
The bottom peice is the backing paper - this gets thrown away
The middle piece is the vinyl
The top piece is the clear application tape to help fit your item - this gets thrown away after you've fitted your item.

Preparation is key!
Always prepare the surface prior to application.
Use water to clean the area (no fancy window cleaners or chemicals needed, infact they won't help, avoid using them)
A lint free cloth to wipe dry is perfect, ensure the area is 100% dry.

Weather? Yes it matters.
It goes without saying, avoid fitting when it's raining. The surface always needs to be dry for application.
Extreme cold, if it's been snowing it'll be best to wait until the cold weather has passed.
The ideal temperature to fit is around 18*c
If it's cold outside, gently warming the area using a hair dryer or heatgun prior to application will help greatly.

So how do I fit it?
Once you've cleaned the area and checked a 7 day weather forecast (that's a joke) you're ready to fit your item! :)
Lay the sticker flat, gently squeegee over with a flat item, a card of some sort will do, this ensures any trapped air has been removed.

Carefully peel away the backing paper (the bottom piece, usually white)
Place sticker onto the surface, working outwards squeegee over it pushing all the air out and ensuring you push the vinyl down well onto the surface for best adhesion.

When you have suffieciently squeegee'd over the sticker you can then peel away the clear application tape, starting from one corner peel back the clear tape, rolling it back over itself, avoid pulling the clear tape straight up towards yourself as you risk lifting the vinyl from the surface.

Once the clear tape has been removed, have a quick look at the vinyl to make sure it's all stuck down well to the surface and none of the vinyl has lifted anywhere, especially the edges.

It's good practice to use your thumb to go over the vinyl after fitting, making sure there aren't any areas not stuck down properly, if there is, you'll notice them now and rectify. Doing this will ensure your sticker will last until you want to remove it.
If there are any areas not stuck down 100% water will creep in and your vinyl won't last as long as expected.

Can I remove it?
Of course, Vinyl stickers can be successfully removed without damaging the surface they were applied to.
The best way to remove is to gently heat the vinyl, so when you start removing it, it also removes most of the glue.
Vinyl stickers are not repositionable, when you start removing it you won't be able to re fit elsewhere.

Hold up, i've got a problem!
The most common issue you may experience is the clear application tape not lifting the vinyl prior to application.
Dont worry, this is easy to fix, you'll need to simply squeegee over the clear application tape to push it onto the vinyl.
Once you've done that, try again to remove the backing paper, the vinyl should now stick to the clear application tape, if it's a little better but still not coming off perfect, stop and repeat the process.